1. Each user is expected to ensure there is peace and quiet in the complex.
  2. Property owners and all users must ensure, that communal areas should not be soiled and/or damaged. This also applies to the external appearance of the apartment buildings and villas.
  3. Guests must sign into the Guest Book in the Security Office on arrival with their names/company and the name of owner they are associated with. Here they will obtain a Guest Badge for the visit. Security can always be reached at mobile number day and night. Security must obtain guests and Owners, Tenants apartment numbers on arrival.
  4. All Tenants must be registered and copies of their Passports will be taken at our Mgt Office.
  5. The monthly Fees must be paid in advance. If Apt. Owners pay retroactively a penalty interest will be added. The Fees for the whole calendar year must be paid latest June 30.
  6. All owners and users are required to place household waste in bins provided for this purpose. Please do not throw toilet paper etc in to the closet.
  7. Clothing, carpets, laundry etc. may not be dried, cleaned or beaten, neither on the outside of balconies, nor in the communal areas, by users and/or domestic staff.
  8. Use of the swimming pool and waterslide is at your own risk. See the poolside notice for more detail. Swimming pool opening hours: normally 07.00 to 21.00 hrs (can be changed during the season). Only swim wear allows in the pool and the pool area. It is forbidden to reserve sun-beds using handtowels or other objects, if persons themselves are not in the swimming pool area. Parents are always responsible for children and when their children use the waterslide even if they can swim. Running is not allowed around the pool area. All users of the pool must shower in the showers at the poolside or in their own apartment immediately before swimming. No footwear is allowed in the pool. Waterproof nappies or special designed swim wears must be used by infants in the pools if they use nappies in their usual living.
  9. All kind of cycling, including children’s bikes, kickbikes, skateboards, rollerblades etc, is prohibited by the pool area and inside Social Area.
  10. Pedestrians using the small gate between Block 3 and 4 must satisfy itself that the gate closes.
  11. Drilling, hammering, playing music or generating other types of loud noise is not permitted between 19.00 and 08.00 hrs. During daytime consideration for load playing music must be given to neighbours. You may only use earphones in the pool area if you listen to music or books. Forbidden to use any kind of loudspeaker.
  1. To prevent the overloading and soiling of facades, windowsills, gutters etc, no birds are to be fed on balconies, and no food is to be thrown out for birds or other animals.
  2. It is forbidden to install or suspend aerials (including satellite dishes) to balconies, roof or facades.
  3. All cables running outside the facades shall be fastened to the wall – otherwise not allowed.
  4. Owners are not allowed to paint facades or balconies themselves as this is the responsibility of Management – having the right colour and quality for the purpose.
  5. Owners who wish to sell their property may not display FOR SALE notices on any part of their property. If a smal national flag is placed on balcony this must be together with a Turkish one.
  6. It is permissible to secure flower-baskets of modest dimensions to the inner side of the balcony.
  7. No changes must be made in or to any buildings or facades without written approval from the Management.
  8. Internal building alternations may be made inside an apartment, providing that:
  • The alterations are approved by Management and will not have any impact on the structure of the apartment and/or the building itself.
  • The necessary permits have been granted by the local authority.
  • The alterations must be presented for inspection. Repairs and maintenance relating to alterations of this kind shall be for the owner’s account.
  • The stairways must be kept free of obstructions that could impede smooth passage in the event of an emergency / fire hazard. You are not allowed to have shoes or shelf’s for shoes in the stairways (due to cleaning).
  1. Owners are not allowed to keep dogs or cats on site.
  2. Sauna, Turkish Bath and Steam Bath: see separate notice for opening times and changes. Children below the age of 16 may use the sauna only when accompanied by an adult. Use of facilities is at your own risk.
  3. Use of the fitness room, computer room and games room: All rooms and their equipment may be used only for its intended purpose. Damage caused to apparatus and equipment through misuse will be rectified and charged to the appropriate users or Tenants (owner are always responsible for damage made by tenants). Children below the age of 16 may use these rooms only when accompanied by an adult.
  1. In case of an accident you will always find an emergency box during night / Sunday in the main security gate house (always manned).
  2. It is not permitted, except with the approval of the Management, to:
  • Place bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, prams, pushchairs or other objects in the communal areas – except in spaces indicated or set aside for that purpose.
  • Arrange one’s own repairs or other work to the cables or decorations to staircase lighting.
  • Arrange, or have arranged, work (e.g. repairs) of any kind whatever in the communal areas.
  • Smoke in communal areas (stairwell, lifts, central entrance area and the entire cellar area).
  • Wash or polish cars or other vehicles in public pedestrian areas or building surroundings.
  • Arrange, or have arranged, work (e.g. repairs to fixtures, vehicles, furniture, etc. of any kind whatever) in public pedestrian areas or surroundings to the building.
  • Arrange one’s own repairs or other work to the television cables, digital satellite receivers or satellite dishes. These must be carried out by authorised companies only as appointed by the Management.
  • Parking of vehicles, mopeds and bicycles in the pool area, and the area between the pool house is not allowed except for unloading or loading. The entrances must be kept clear for access by disabled passengers.
  • Users must not walk with wet swimming dress dripping with water in the Social Area, stairways, gang areas and lifts.
  1. Bicycles must not be left in the stair room when owners are leaving for their home country. During stay bicycles of owners must be placed in the outside bicycle stands. During winter time bicycles can be placed inside in the storage room.
  2. Any damages noticed, suggestions for improvements or problems must be reported to Management.
  3. It is owners responsibility to make necessary yearly maintenance of their own apartments.


The decision of the Board

Valid until substituded with a new one

Up-dated version : March 2017